From last four years the problem of dengue mosquitoes are increasing in Kathmandu. Because of unmanaged town planning, the dengue mosquitoes control in kathmandu has become near to impossible. Dengue mosquitoes control in kathmandu should be placed in priority and should take precautions on time. With changing on climate, the habitat of dengue mosquitoes keep changing. Dengue mosquitoes hatching period is during raining so we should be careful mostly on raining season to control dengue mosquitoes in Kathmandu.

Nowadays, the trend of placing flower pots on roofs, walls, outside passage is on peak. As dengue mosquitoes hatch on clean water and flower pots & its plates are the easy place and most ignored place for water stagnant. So we should be careful on removing stagnant water on flower pots and its plates because these are the most common place where dengue mosquitoes larvicide found.

With growing cities and town, mosquitoes and their problems and diseases are also growing. Now days dengue problems is increasing day by day in Nepal. So in order to prevent this problems we need to keep our surrounding clean and tidy. Should wear full slip clothes. For Dengue Mosquitoes Control in kathmandu in many household ,people are using chemicals from local market without precaution which may create side effect later and may harm on your health. So we suggest you, always seek help of professional pest control company while using pesticide.

Solution of Dengue Mosquitoes Control in Kathmandu

Orange Ball Pest Control is providing dengue mosquitoes control service in kathmandu. We have larvicide and insecticide, fogging (fumigation) to control these kinds of species mosquitoes.

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