Termite Control in Kathmandu
Termite Feeding Wood

Termite is one of the mostly seen insects on Kathmandu & Lalitpur houses & building. Their presence can be traces from its muddy lines and dust of woods with furniture damages. Because of geographical structure, from just light spray termite control in Kathmandu & Lalitpur is difficult .

Termites, a kind of insect that loves to live in colonies have a small, pale soft bodied. This insect categorized themselves as workers and soldiers according to their body structure. They live jointly so they divide their jobs as per their body structure. Alike their body structure their lifestyle also differentiate according to their caste. Some loves to live in moist places and some love to live in dry. Whatever is the choices of their living but the damages that they create is similar.

Why Termite Control in Kathmandu & in Lalitpur is Important?

Kathmandu is heart of Nepal. All the functions are regulated from heart to other parts so its beauty is more important. Because of lack of termite control in Kathmandu & in Lalitpur, many important monuments and cultural sites are destroying. The damages created by termites are terrible. They literally dismantle buildings. So it is important to control termite in Kathmandu. We believe that termites only destroy furniture but there is nothing that termites cannot damage. The destruction that termites creates listing from water pipes, A.C.’s, electric wires, furniture, wood and entire whole building. More than this termite also destroys human health by destroying respiratory organs resulting into asthma.

Termite Control in Kathmandu & Lalitpur – Orange Ball Pest Control Service

Termite problem is one of the burning issue in Kathmandu and Lalitpur valley. The geographical location of these valley have made its termite major source of food and living. So termite’s existence in Kathmandu and Lalitpur valley is common. In previous days, most of the lands of Kathmandu and Lalitpur valley was filled with water, which was the living and food source of termites. And after filling the water source most of the buildings were constructed. But the termite remains as it in under the soil which slowly comes up in search of food and damage the structure of house and building.

Termite Lines in wall/ceiling

Termite control on constructed houses of Kathmandu and Lalitpur is necessary. Also along with that, it is more effective if termite control is done on ground level before construction. The treatment which is done before constructing a building is termed as pre-anti-termite treatment and treatment after construction is termed as post anti-termite treatment.

Call Termite Control Experts- Orange Ball Pest Control Team

So before termites turn your building into constructing sites, seek for treatment from Orange Ball Pvt. Ltd. Orange Ball Pvt. Ltd., pest control provides the best service of termite control in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Pokhara, Biratnagar, Chitwan, Birgunj and all over Nepal with eco-friendly termite control chemicals, spray and products at an affordable cost with guaranteed result certificate.

Furthermore, Orange Ball, pest control not only have termite control methods in building but also protect your land through pre-construction anti termite treatment. From last 10 years, Orange Ball Pvt. ltd. is serving with pre & post anti-termite treatment in Nepal. During termite control in Kathmandu at your building, we also treat your furniture that may incur wood termites. Wood termite treatment is done through wood fumigation process.

We are always ready to serve our client -24/7 from morning to evening cleaning every pest from mouse, cockroaches, bedbugs, termites, ants, housefly, mosquito, flea, mites, etc. and deep cleaning of whole house including marble, carpet, toilet, sofa etc. that destroys both health and happiness of humans. Till now Orange Ball Pvt. Ltd., Pest Control have satisfied their 5000+ clients and aggressively continue their jobs on providing sound health to their clients.