Mouse Problem in Corporate Houses
Mouse Problem in Corporate House

The prime location of Kathmandu and Lalitpur area is covered with corporates houses and these corporates houses are full of mouse and pest. The mouse problem in corporate houses are massive. In every corporate houses because of mouse problem many troubles and obstacles happen in daily basis. Mouse problem in corporate house create hassle on daily operation of corporate houses by tearing electric lines resulting into server down and ultimately could not complete promises to their desired clients.

Mouse and Rats are nocturnal concluding they sleep at day time and enjoy their life in night time. This can be one of the reason behind their massive movement at night than at day time. More than this, mouse’s life span and reproduction capacity increases in household environment than in natural environment so they prefer to live more on houses, offices or residential building than outside environment.

Get rid of Mouse Problem in your House

Mouse and rats are very clever creature. They can easily make fool to human being. So getting rid of mouse in your house is quite difficult thing. Once it enter your house, it wont leave you at any cost. But if you identify mouse nature and characteristics then to get rid of mouse will become little easier.

Mouse Problem in Corporate Houses
Get rid of mice from house

So try to understand their nature and take action rather than living unhygienic life with mouse. Or for your easy access Orange Ball Pest Control is in Kathmandu, Nepal to get rid of Mouse in your house.

Protect your house from Mouse Problem

Once mouse enter your house, it wont leave easily so better to take precaution before it. We leave our doors and windows open, leave our dustbin open with full of waste foods items and wrappers and after damage starts appear, we thought why do mice in my house all of the sudden while you were the one who was doing all activities to attract mice in your house.

Even if your house is clean mice may enter for the seek of shelter so before its too late take a precaution and keep your door and windows closed or put net doors and always avoid open dustbins and waste foods and wrappers in office area, living area, bedrooms etc.

Mouse Attracting Factors

The major factor that attracts mouse at your working space and house are shelter and food source. If you keep your kitchen and house and offices full of foods, packets, plastic then you can never get rid of mouse. You should always keep closed dustbins and should empty the dustbins everyday. As possible you should not leave the kitchen mess overnight, this can attracts mouse towards your house in search of food.

Smells that keep mouse problem away

About mouse and rats there are various natural process to keep mouse away from your houses and offices. Rats and Mouse are incredibly very smart and clever creature on earth. Though their vision capacity is poor but their smelling and hearing sensation are outstanding. They use their sense of smell to detect potential source of food and even to communicate with other mouse. So based on this, many people use various high level of smelly product to keep away mouse from their house.

Mouse problem in corporate houses
Solution of Mouse Problem

Some use peppermints oil for rats, some use vinegar with the believe that rate hate the smell of vinegar, while some use bleach and garlic with the believe that rat hate the smell of bleach and high smells of garlic. So these tricks are commonly used to keep rats away naturally.

But no matter what you apply naturally, mouse problem in your house will not vanished until you take harsh decision. So better to contact with nearby professional pest control.