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28 Dec
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Pest Control Kathmandu Price and Charges

Orange Ball’s Service Rates & Charges Update on 1st Feb 2020 Pest Control in Kathmandu is burning issue of every households, corporate houses, hotels and restaurants. To solve pest control in Kathmandu, Nepal Orange ball pvt. ltd. pest control has bring pest control services at an affordable price. Along with the pest control we have […]

24 Aug
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Dengue Mosquitoes control in Kathmandu Nepal

From last four years the problem of dengue mosquitoes are increasing in Kathmandu. Because of unmanaged town planning, the dengue mosquitoes control in kathmandu has become near to impossible. Dengue mosquitoes control in kathmandu should be placed in priority and should take precautions on time. With changing on climate, the habitat of dengue mosquitoes keep […]

16 Jul
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Termite Affects on value of building?

Termite Affect on value of building Termites affect on value of building. We cannot believe that a tiny ants shaped insects literally affects on the value of building. Termites, a kind of insect lives under the soil level affects on the value of your house. From its appearance we may wonder “how such tiny insects […]

09 Jul
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Dengue Control

Dengue Alert Cases of Dengue Fever in Nepal is spreading rapidly which witness from the news updated from Annpurna Post: We, Orange Ball Pvt. Ltd. pest control company, as being a part of Pest Control and Sanitation industry’s member, we would like to request you to wear full slip of clothes, remove stagnant water, check […]

18 Jun
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Cockroaches Problem in Kathmandu City of Nepal

Cockroaches Problem in Kathmandu City of Nepal Cockroaches have been the major problems in Kathmandu city of Nepal. The cockroaches problem in Kathmandu City is rising day by day but the many individuals and corporate house are still searching for cockroaches problem solution. Nowadays everything has been chemicalized do households Cockraoches control remedy may not […]

05 Apr
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Bed Bug Control in Kathmandu, Nepal

Bed Bug Control in Kathmandu, Nepal Bed bugs control in Kathmandu is very difficult task to do. The clustered compact of buildings leaves no space to get sunlight inside the houses of Kathmandu and Lalitpur valley. Bed bugs are travelling pest; they easily get transmit from one thing to another which leads bed bugs control […]

27 Mar
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Dengue Fever Cases in Kathmandu, Nepal

Dengue Fever Cases in Kathmandu, Nepal Dengue fever cases in Kathmandu, Nepal started from 2004 and after that dengue fever cases is gradually reported in Nepal. In 2022, Nepal has experienced its worst outbreak of dengue fever cases in Kathmandu in recorded history after 2019. The dengue fever cases in Kathmandu (Bagmati Province) was highest […]

25 Mar
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Only 1 Powerful Method for Dengue Mosquitoes Control in Kathmandu, Nepal

Dengue mosquitoes body structure looks like white and black strives with small elongated body. Dengue mosquito’s eradication is impossible so controlling dengue mosquito is the only solution. The only 1 powerful method for dengue mosquitoes control is awareness program and killing habitat of dengue mosquitoes. Last year, when the problem of dengue fever was not […]

21 Mar
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TERMITE CONTROL in Kathmandu, Nepal

Termite is one of the mostly seen insects on Kathmandu & Lalitpur houses & building. Their presence can be traces from its muddy lines and dust of woods with furniture damages. Because of geographical structure, from just light spray termite control in Kathmandu & Lalitpur is difficult . Termites, a kind of insect that loves […]

birds control
18 Jul
Posted by:   Orange Ball

Pigeon control Bird spikes and nets

Best pigeon control company in Kathmandu Pigeon Spikes and Nets installation service in Kathmandu Nepal Are your facing problems with pigeon or birds feces and poops dirt?Are you looking for professional pest control and cleaning service company to solve this problem?Orange ball is nearest pigeon and birds control service provider and best repellent and spikes […]