How termite affect value of your house?

Termite Affect on value of building

Termites affect on value of building. We cannot believe that a tiny ants shaped insects literally affects on the value of building.

Termites, a kind of insect lives under the soil level affects on the value of your house. From its appearance we may wonder “how such tiny insects (termite) affects on value of your house?” but it does affects on the value of your house by penetrating from soil level into your house through electric lines, walls, AC lines etc. and weakens the internal and external structure of the house and dismantle your house structure. So we must know its infestation signs and should call for termite control experts which are available in Kathmandu, Lalitpur and all over Nepal.

In search of food they enter your house penetrating from underground to your house foundation reaching to the top of your house through walls, pillars, electric lines and AC lines. From its silent inner penetration, it weakens the structure of your house and still you wont realize its presence until it creates huge damage on your furniture, electric lines, wooden doors, windows etc.

Termites infestation in your house itself is a sign of bad luck. Termites not only destroy your house internal and external structure but it also decrease the valuation of your house by weakening the strength of your house foundation and walls.

Termite Infestation Signs

Insects that loves to live in colonies have a small, pale soft bodied. Since termite penetrates to your house from soil level so they prepare a tunnel of soil which easily helps us to trace its presence in our house. Also form their wings and larvae form lying on the floors of our house also shows its signs of presence.

Termite Infestation Signs are as follows:

Muddy lines in walls, doors, windows of house

Hollow and cracky wooden furniture, doors, windows

Flying termite (swammers) in house

Bubbling Paints

Termite Damages

This insect categorized themselves as workers and soldiers according to their body structure. They live jointly so they divide their jobs as per their body structure. Alike their body structure their lifestyle also differentiate according to their caste. Some loves to live in moist places and some love to live in dry. Whatever is the choices of their living but the damages that they create is similar.

The damages created by termites are terrible. They literally dismantle buildings. We believe that termites only destroy furniture but there is nothing that termites cannot damage. The destruction that termites creates listing from water pipes, A.C.’s, electric wires, furniture and entire whole building. More than this termite also destroys human health by destroying respiratory organs resulting into asthma and also in some cases skin allergy have also found from its dust particles sprayed from its wings.

We can see termite problem in Kathmandu and Lalitpur area. Most of the house of Kathmandu and Lalitpur are structurally damage by termite. As kathmandu and lalitpur are cultural heritage site so most of the buildings have wooden structure so more damages can be seen. So from cultural aspects also termite control in Kathmandu is the mandatory. Likewise termite experts in lalitpur is necessary.

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