Dengue Alert

Cases of Dengue Fever in Nepal is spreading rapidly which witness from the news updated from Annpurna Post:

We, Orange Ball Pvt. Ltd. pest control company, as being a part of Pest Control and Sanitation industry’s member, we would like to request you to wear full slip of clothes, remove stagnant water, check plant pots, use window and door screens, keep your house and offices surrounding clean, cut the bushes, and remove possible shelter of mosquitoes.

Dengue Control Expert:Call on 9802344322 Orange Ball Pvt. Ltd.

As the dengue cases are increasing so please follow the preventive measures, do not allow mosquitoes nearby you and your family and friends. And if problem arise please contact – Orange Ball Pvt. Ltd. on 9802344322 for dengue spray/dengue control service. We provide service on affordable price on households, corporate houses, hotels, restaurants, NGO/INGO, hospitals, etc.