Cockroaches Problem in Kathmandu City of Nepal

Cockroaches have been the major problems in Kathmandu city of Nepal. The cockroaches problem in Kathmandu City is rising day by day but the many individuals and corporate house are still searching for cockroaches problem solution. Nowadays everything has been chemicalized do households Cockraoches control remedy may not provide effective outcome. So now to cope with the cockroaches problem in Kathmandu city of Nepal, many cockroaches control company are established and professional and effective professional service to households, restaurants, hotels, hostels, banks, NGO/INGO, hospitals etc.

Kathmandu the capital city of Nepal have bigger opportunity from every aspects for a better lifestyle, has now becoming the major source of pollution. Moreover, cockroach problem is the rising health issue in all over cities of Nepal but the major cities of Nepal like Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Pokhara, Birgunj, Nepalgunj, Chitwan, Hetauda etc have major cases of cockroaches problems and its side effects on their health and business. Because of the unmanaged waste management, the buildings structure and population of these cities, cockroaches problems in cities are rapidly growing and becoming uncontrollable.

Cockroaches Features & Habitat

Insects that are flattened, brownish, with long slender antennae are specially known as cockroaches. Cockroaches are fast running insects. They are paraphyletic group of insects belonging to Blattodea containing all members of the groups expect termites. There are 4,600 cockroach species existed in environment. About 30 cockroach species are associated with human. Cockroaches have been in existence for more than million years and they are the important groups of an insects.

Cockroaches Problem in Cities of Nepal

Other insects like ants, bees, termites live in centralized nest or colonies but cockroaches do not.  They prefer to live in such a place where direct sun light cannot enter. Places like warm, dark, wet areas like sewers and basement. They enter in houses, buildings through drains, pipes and hole.   They are found in large building, restaurants, grocery stores and hospitals where temperature is comparatively low.

Mainly in city areas like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Birgunj, people face different types of problems from cockroaches. Cockroaches are mostly found in kitchen and other food preparation area from where they can feed off food and have access to water. These are more active at night than during the day time. In household cockroaches hiding spots are cracks in wall, any furniture items that are generally left undisturbed, kitchen cupboard, garden, etc.

Cockroaches Problem in Apartment, Hotel, Hostel, Kitchen, Restaurant, Hospitals

Cockroaches have been the major problems in the city areas. They are present almost everywhere like from cockroaches problem in apartment, cockroaches problem in hospital, cockroaches problem in hotels, cockroaches problem in hostels, cockroaches problem in restaurant, and the most frequent and major one cockroaches problem in kitchen of households.

In case of Nepal, cockroach problems resulting from rapid urban growth. Because of these problems people are facing health issues. Cockroaches transfer pathogens and cause allergic reaction and psychological distress through contaminated food.  Cockroaches may contaminate food, kitchen utensils and other household items and leave some kind of unpleasant order. They can transfer pathogenic microbes that cause food poisoning and other illness due to freely movement. Many people are allergic to its excrement and their shed skins.

According to the WHO, cockroaches have been known to play a role as carriers of intestinal diseases, such as dysentery, diarrhea, cholera and typhoid fever etc. Cockroach produced allergens may cause congestion, sneezing, and watery eyes as life threatening bronchial inflammation characterized recurrent cough, wheezing and difficulty in breathing. Asthma triggered by cockroaches is especially common among children living populated housing conditions where infestations are often serve.

Cockroaches causes not only in physical health but also in mental health. The interior design of houses can be destroyed by cockroaches; furniture can be destroyed. People may ashamed to show their house to other people. This is how people may have mental health issue. Moreover, cockroaches problem   

Cockroaches Problem in City

Cockroaches control in city areas has been a major issue for almost everyone. Due to close households and large buildings, it is almost impossible to get inside the house which causes rise up of cockroaches. If there is problems there is solution.  In order to control pests like cockroaches and other pests, there are many pest controllers have been established. These company use some kind of chemical that are not so much harmful to human being to remove, controls, minimize growth of cockroaches.

 The most common thing we use in household to control or remove   cockroaches is spraying. There are various types of cockroach control spray available in   markets.  Those sprays can be used only in temporary solution. One of the major cause for rise in cockroach is lack of sanitization. So sanitization is the most important factor in environment which can reduce health risk.   

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