Bed Bug Control in Kathmandu, Nepal

Bed bugs control in Kathmandu is very difficult task to do. The clustered compact of buildings leaves no space to get sunlight inside the houses of Kathmandu and Lalitpur valley. Bed bugs are travelling pest; they easily get transmit from one thing to another which leads bed bugs control in Kathmandu impossible. Because of poor sanitation routine Bed bugs control in Kathmandu is hard. Because of improper hygiene maintenance to get rid of bed bug in Kathmandu permanently is about to impossible. Household used bed bug pesticide do not provide effective outcome to get rid of bed bug.

Bed Bugs Problem in Kathmandu-Orange Ball Pest Control Expert

Kathmandu city is very busy city, many people in daily basis transfer from one place to another in search of rooms, jobs and business through different modes of transportation. In this process bed bugs if carry by a single person will easily transfer resulting into bed bugs infestation into houses, public transport, corporate houses, hotels, restaurants, hostels, hospitals, schools etc. The major cause of bed bug is frequent travelling.

Bed bugs are small, flat wingless insects that are reddish-brown in color. They cause variety of negative physical health, mental health and economic consequences. They are seed like spade but very stubborn to eliminate from household bed bug pesticide.They hide in the cracks and crevices of beds, box springs, headboards, bed frames and other objects around a bed and come out at night to feed on their preferred host, humans.

Bed bug bites cause rashes on skin of host body. Bed bugs bite treatment is killing bed bugs.

Identify Bed Bugs Infested Area with Orange Ball Pest Control Team

Bed bugs problem is not a problem in households but it is major problem in hotels, hospitals, hostels and more. Identifying bed bugs presence in your premise is very difficult. Bed bugs control take long period. One need to be patient to get rid of bed bug. But if you treat at right place and right time, bed bug control can be easy.

Bedbug control in kathmandu
Bed bug control in kathmandu

Bed bugs are very tough pest. Once they infested at your home, within a day they will multiply their population and becomes more difficult to control.

Some of the possible infested area of Bed bug are:

  • Near the tags of the mattress
  • In cracks in the bed frame and headboards
  • In baseboards
  • Between couch cousins
  • In furniture joints
  • Inside electrical outlets
  • Under loose wallpaper
  • Underneath paintings and posters on the walls
  • Fold of curtains

Getting rid of Bedbug’s infection is not easy but with Orange Ball pest control it is very simple

Orange Ball Pvt. Ltd. Pest control company is a professional bed bug exterminator nearby you. Orange Ball pest control, are controlling and getting rid of bed bugs in Kathmandu since 2015. Orange Ball pest control are the best and professional bed bugs controller in Kathmandu. In every sectors from households to corporate houses and restaurant, Orange Ball Pvt. Ltd. pest control have solved bed bugs problem in Kathmandu, Nepal with best bed bugs medicine.

Orange Ball pest control solves bed bugs problem in Kathmandu from its professional exterminators with best results. Based on the nature of infestation of bed bugs, Orange Ball pest control apply heat and fumigation treatment with chemical spray treatment. These methods kill both eggs and adults of bedbugs.

Beg Bugs at House

Orange Ball pest control have solved bed bugs problem in Kathmandu of more than 10,000 households. People can get service after booking on 9802344322 or through website for bed bug control in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Nepal. During Bed bug control in Kathmandu, Orange Ball pest control also provides suggestion along with the service to get rid of bed bugs permanently.

At a very affordable price, Orange Ball pest control is controlling bed bugs problems in Kathmandu with guaranteed result. Based on the rooms infected the price of service will be decided. Also Orange Ball pest control provides free inspection visit to household’s clients also.  

Bed Bugs at Hostel/Hospital

Bed bugs problem in Kathmandu is common. If its infestation is detected at one room, then automatically whole hostel will be infected. In hostels many individuals in daily basis from different modes of transport from different places arrives. As bed bugs are traveler pest, it easily transfers so regular treatment of bed bugs at hostel is mandatory.

Bed Bugs at Restaurant/Hotels/Motels/Lodge

Bed bugs control in Kathmandu’s restaurant and hotels by themselves are kind of impossible. Because people with bed bugs in their luggage or clothes is regular thing. If one wants to control bed bugs problem in Kathmandu’s restaurants and hotels, then either he has to inspect each guest bags and luggage or have to change his business. So bed bugs in restaurants and hotels are common so it should be treated in regular basis. Taking precautionary bed bugs treatment service is the only solution in such business.  

Bed Bugs at Business

Bed bugs are traveler pest so its existence at corporate houses like banks, store, department store are possible. In corporate houses the possibility of getting infested area are sofa, bench, where visitors arrive and sit and leaves unwanted guest. And following sofa, bench bed bug problem will increase so at the very first moment of bed bug detection, bed bugs treatment is necessary.

Overall during bed bug control service Orange Ball pest control apply chemical spray, heat and fumigation on furniture, curtain, walls, and ceiling. Also Orange Ball pest control kills bed bugs on mattress. Based on the infection level Pesticides to control bed bugs are apply.