Dengue Fever Cases in Kathmandu, Nepal

Dengue fever cases in Kathmandu, Nepal started from 2004 and after that dengue fever cases is gradually reported in Nepal. In 2022, Nepal has experienced its worst outbreak of dengue fever cases in Kathmandu in recorded history after 2019. The dengue fever cases in Kathmandu (Bagmati Province) was highest following Lumbini Province.

Dengue fever is caused by the virus which is transmitted from the bite of infected Aedes species mosquito to the healthy body. After the bite of dengue mosquito, a person gets symptoms of dengue fever within 4 to 10 days with 104-degree Celsius body temperature. Dengue Virus attacks on immunity power of human body and decrease the immune to fight against foreign bodies by decrease number of platelets count on blood. The warning signs of dengue fever are as follows:

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Dengue Mosquitoes
  • High Temperature Fever
  • Aching Muscles and Joints
  • Rash
  • Pain behind the eyes
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Sore Throat
  • Headache and Pains

If any of these symptoms appear on a person then he is infected by dengue virus. The first sign of dengue fever may differ from person to person. Some shows high fever with vomiting while some shows only body pain without fever. But any of these symptoms if shown then concludes as dengue fever. Dengue Fever medication is simple if follows doctor’s prescription, medicine routine, drink plenty of fluid and take rest as much as possible.

But if the fever is extreme and patient could not breathe then he/she should immediately transfer to hospital. Taking as much as rest and eating healthy foods and plenty of water is the fasted way to recover from dengue fever.

Dengue Fever Cases in Kathmandu

Dengue fever is caused by dengue mosquitoes. Dengue fever is caused from the bite of Aedes species mosquitoes. This mosquitoes carries a virus and when it bite to healthy body the dengue virus transmitted from infected dengue mosquitoes to healthy person. In 2022 the number of cases of dengue fever was approx 7356 reported cases till September 2022. Among 7356 reported cases, 1797 dengue fever cases in kathmandu and 2518 dengue fever cases in lalitpur.

Dengue Fever Control by Orange Ball Pest Control Team

With the rise in dengue fever, Orange Ball Pvt. Ltd. pest control begins dengue mosquitoes control awareness campaign in Kathmandu & in Lalitpur, Nepal. Along with the verbal awareness program orange ball pest control provides chemical spray and fogging service at public places destroying habitat of dengue mosquitoes and killing larvae of dengue mosquitoes.

During dengue mosquitoes awareness campaign orange ball pest control prioritize to school students awaring them about the habitat of dengue mosquitoes and methods of destroying dengue mosquitoes larvae and its possible habitat nearby their community. Along with the precaution measures, orange ball pest control has also explained about the dengue fever medication with its signs and symptoms. For controlling dengue fever cases in kathmandu, orange ball pest control has provide maximum services at hospitals, schools, municipality and local area of Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Gaur municipality.

Call Pest Control Professional-Orange Ball Pest Control Team

Orange Ball Pvt. Ltd. pest control has provides dengue mosquitoes control service to 1000 of its customer through service booking on 9802344322/9851210566 or

Dengue Mosquitoes Control Service in Kathmandu, Nepal
Dengue Mosquitoes Chemical Spray and Fogging Service

After placing booking, orange ball pest control experts will visit your infected area and provide dengue mosquitoes control service through chemical spray and fogging killing adult as well as larvae of dengue mosquitoes. As prevention, you will be guided by orange ball pest control team to keep inside during dengue mosquitoes control fogging and chemical spray at outside area and if service needs to be done inside house then guided to leave the treating area for an hour. Take a precaution measures of dengue fever and methods of destroying dengue mosquitoes from Orange Ball pest control.