Dengue mosquitoes body structure looks like white and black strives with small elongated body. Dengue mosquito’s eradication is impossible so controlling dengue mosquito is the only solution. The only 1 powerful method for dengue mosquitoes control is awareness program and killing habitat of dengue mosquitoes.

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Dengue Mosquitoes Control

Last year, when the problem of dengue fever was not limited to inside Kathmandu and Lalitpur but it was become national issue to be solved, when the dengue fever meets peak record, Orange Ball Pvt. Ltd., pest control took initiation and begins a campaign of dengue mosquitoes control in Kathmandu & in Lalitpur.

Dengue mosquitoes control campaign was held from schools, hospitals to municipality of Kathmandu & Lalitpur. The dengue mosquitoes control awareness camp method was very effective that turns schools kids as major aspects for awaring about dengue mosquitoes at their house and locality which degrades maximum possible habitat of dengue mosquitoes. Lalitpur area was first infected from dengue mosquito then follows to Kathmandu. Furthermore, dengue mosquitoes control service was held on Gaur municipality under government supervision. Thus in 2022 pandemic, in many places dengue spray by government was organized.

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Dengue Mosquitoes Awareness Campaign at Lalitpur School

Dengue Mosquitoes Control in Kathmandu-Orange Ball Pest Control Team

During the Dengue Mosquitoes Control Awareness Camp, Orange Ball pest control team have focused to schools students from where most the households will get aware about the habitat of dengue mosquitoes through their children.

For Dengue Mosquitoes Control in Kathmandu, Orange Ball Pvt. Ltd., pest control has adapted following precaution:

  1. Reduce Mosquito Habitat
  2. Stay in well-screened houses
  3. Use Mosquito Repellents
  4. Wear full slip protective clothing
  5. Sleep Under Mosquito-net
  6. Do not let Water Stagnate Anywhere
  7. Keep Your House Airy and Well-Lit
  8. Time Your Outings

Call Orange Ball Dengue Mosquitoes Control Expert-Dengue Mosquitoes Control Service in Kathmandu, Nepal

Dengue mosquito spreads the virus that causes dengue fever and its signs and symptoms are severe Fever, aching muscles and joints, rash, pain behind the eyes, nausea and vomiting, sore throat, headache and pains. If a person has any of these signs & symptoms, please visit the nearby hospital as soon as possible.

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Dengue Mosquitoes Fever Signs & Symptoms

Dengue mosquitoes control in Kathmandu was done by spraying Eco-friendly chemical with fogging & fumigation service. On dengue mosquito control service Orange Ball pest control destroy the habitat of dengue mosquitoes, kill adult dengue mosquitoes present in the environment and kill larvae of dengue mosquitoes through chemical dengue spray and fogging. Also Orange Ball pest control has provided training to the local public of Kathmandu & Lalitpur and government level to prevent dengue mosquitoes from breeding. As the dengue fever is caused by the bite of dengue mosquito so dengue mosquitoes control is mandatory. For dengue mosquitoes control we have to follow some simple preventive measures like wearing full slip clothes, avoid stagnant water, cover the pond etc.

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Dengue Mosquitoes Control in Kathmandu, Nepal

Along with dengue mosquitoes control service, Orange Ball pest control team also provides suggestion and advice to clients and their followers based on the problem seen at client’s premise like- Unnecessary bushes, ponds, stagnant water on flower vase should remove, need to put net on windows and doors, need to wear full slip clothes and manage timing while going out.

Dengue Mosquitoes Control in Kathmandu Contact

For Dengue mosquitoes control service, you can contact Orange Ball Pvt. Ltd., pest control through website ( or direct call on 9802344322. Dengue Mosquitoes control service shows effectiveness for 2 weeks so we advise to receive dengue mosquitoes control service twice in a month, (terms & condition applied). For Dengue mosquitoes control service, orange ball pest control experts need 30 minutes to hours based on the area treated and once service done the area need to keep closed for an hour if service is doing inside area. Also Orange Ball pest control team consult with the client regarding safety measures need to acquire while performing dengue mosquitoes control service.