Rodent Control in Kathmandu has now become the most difficult task. Because of building structure and over population, rodents have get easy access to food and shelter. Rodent Control in Kathmandu should perform massively because, because of congested building structure and improper hygiene, many human health and businesses are facing huge problem and loss. For rodent control in Kathmandu, Orange Ball Pvt. Ltd, Pest Control Company in Kathmandu has using eco-friendly methods and techniques.

Rodent Control in Kathmandu Barriers

Rodents, one of the most annoying, damage creators and an active transmitter of communicable diseases have dichromate that can see the light that even humans cannot see. Their retina is designed in such a way that can easily visualize the lights with short wavelength blue- UV and middle wavelength green- UV light and also rodent are nocturnal concluding they sleep at day time and enjoy their life in night time.

This can be one of the reason behind their massive movement at night than at day time. More than this, mouse’s life span and reproduction capacity increases in household environment than in natural environment so they prefer to live more on houses, offices or residential building than outside environment. So these are the factors of having rodent problem in Kathmandu and also a reason of not being easy task to control rodent in Kathmandu.

Rodent Damages

The damages that are gifted from our unknown guest is unbearable and when it comes to our documents and our client’s documents where our clients trust are aligned then the situation becomes unimaginable. The damage they create is on one hand and on another hand the disease that causes them leads our loved one’s into critical situations.

And also the problems were made much worse by their high birth rate. On an average, an adult female can have over 60 babies in a year and this capacity upgrades while surviving in our homes than in a natural environment.

Rodent Control in Winter

Also changing environment makes mouse life difficult so they desire to live in cozy homes and offices where they can get easy food and shelter. Mouse and rats comes under most irritating and mess creating mammals which not only damage property but also damage our health by transmitting communicable diseases from infected to healthy one and also responsible for various diseases and virus like hanta virus, plague, etc.

In winter, Rat and mouse often enter homes and work places for warmth and food. These unwanted guests don’t arrive empty-handed; mice bring along a host of parasites, disease organisms, food contamination and damage when they enter your place.

Fluctuation of temperature increase a high chance of massive rodent movement inside our homes and offices. In a cool climate, because of scarcity of food and suitable nests in outside surroundings, they hunt our homes and offices for their livelihood. Tearing paper, clothes, pillow, gnawing furniture and grinding wires, contaminating foods with their urine and stools are common signs of presence of rodents in our premises. Inside homes and offices, they get warmth and adequate food and material for their nestling. The wires that we placed for our security purposes, helps them to grind their teeth.

Rodent Control Experts in Kathmandu-Orange Ball Pvt. Ltd.

 Household methods and procedures of using chemicals on controlling rodent do not give expected outcome as it gives from the same chemicals while hiring an expert. So appropriate use of chemical and its composition and its proper use is important to prevent rodents from your premise. Orange Ball Pest Control are providing Rodent Control Service in Kathmandu. Orange Ball Pest Control is using eco-friendly methods and techniques to control rodents that includes trapping, baiting, gelling, and cages.

Rodent dead on electric wire