Termite threat in Kathmandu
Termite Threat in Kathmandu-It degrades the value of house

In Kathmandu, threat of Termite is increasing day by day. From corporate houses to households, the threat of termite is becoming worse. Because of termite the strength of house weakens which directly effects on the value of building. Termite threat in Kathmandu is not a new thing to discuss. From our grandfather’s generation we have been facing threats of termites on agriculture crops to house. In those days’ crops was their food source but now as the crops growing land has convert into concrete building so termite feeds on our furniture.

Termite Threat in Kathmandu in Real Estate

While buying house many individuals get deceived. They buy infected weak house on same market rate which is not a good investment. Again after buying house they need extra amount for renovation and ultimately need to do anti termite treatment service. So better to buy house with proper termite inspection.

From termites many house owners in Kathmandu sold their house and are still selling. Kathmandu valley has become every Nepalese dream place to settle down their lives. People from different province and cities come to Kathmandu with the dream to buy house in Kathmandu with the hope to facilitate their upcoming generation. But the dream house they are buying for their upcoming generation may not be stable even to live for them as well.

The internal strength of their dream house may not be the same as it looks from externally. It is the elegancy of termite that it eats up internally leaving external decoration as it is which fools human that the house is internally and externally strong.

Termite infected house looks externally beautiful and strong but internal foundation and whole house structure had already weakens. As the strength of the house already weakens by the termites so the value of the house has already degrades. So it is better not to invest on termite infected house but if still if investing on it after knowing of termite infection, it would be profitable to buy the house on lower rate than the market value and investing remaining balance on renovation and anti-termite treatment service charge.

With the growing population the development process in valley speeds up. From education to health, from financial institution to corporate offices, and from roads to building everything get copied from western countries, in place of mud and rocks concrete and bricks mixture starts using and with the flow of time the foundation gets stronger and stronger. Innovation and technology brings many changes and development in nation. But the problem of termite is still unsolved. Still it can be easily visible on houses of Kathmandu valley.

In the process of development, Kathmandu citizen forget the reality of its native land. How the quicksand and ponds has been converted into concrete building. Land of Kathmandu was quicksand which was suitable home for termites. The land change into building but the termites remains under the soil as it is. It feeds into crops but as in crops growing land there is buildings so in search of food the termites climbs up from underground soil to foundation to upper portion of house.

As the termites lives under the soil so we finds muddy lines on our walls as its presence in our house. Termites, a kind of insect that loves to live in colonies have a small, pale soft bodied. Based on their nature of living and characteristics, they love to live under the soil in moist and dry places.

Termite Threat in Kathmandu-Health

Moreover, termite has highly threat on our health as well. Termite can get sick to humans. From termite infected house people can be infected from various diseases like – SBS (Sick Building Syndrome), chronic headaches, allergic reaction, and asthmas attacks. Termite infected house are more dangerous to those individuals who have respiratory problem.

Accident in house is another Termite threat in Kathmandu.  Most of the houses nowadays have wooden structure on their floors. The wooden structure get severely damaged by termites, if the flooring are wooden structure then accident may happen in the termite infected house. People may get injured when the structure breaks. Termites can do a lot of damages to humans without being getting its presence at home and might get known when the accident happens as a result of damaged wood to the point of collapse.

Termite Expert in Kathmandu-Orange Ball Pest Control

Orange Ball Pest Control has been serving Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Pokhara to whole Nepal from last 11 years. Orange Ball Pest Control provides Free Termite Inspection service in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur to Pokhara. Kathmandu and Lalitpur have higher threat of termite so we suggest every individuals, please take inspection of termites while buying houses. Maximum land has been infected by termite so think wise before investing. Take advantage of Free Termite Inspection in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur and Pokhara for a long-term profitable investment.