Best pigeon control company in Kathmandu

Pigeon Spikes and Nets installation service in Kathmandu Nepal

Are your facing problems with pigeon or birds feces and poops dirt?
Are you looking for professional pest control and cleaning service company to solve this problem?
Orange ball is nearest pigeon and birds control service provider and best repellent and spikes installation company in Kathmandu Nepal.

WHY ITS Important to control Pigeon

Until you’ve facing with an infestation of pigeons, it’s easy to understand just how damaging and problematic pigeon mites can be, these are some issues that they cause are mention as follows:

Property Damage – When they accumulate over time, pigeon droppings can cause buildings and other structures to deteriorate more rapidly. Their manure also kills vegetation,so it can wreak havoc on landscaping.
Contamination – Because they are scavengers, pigeons are famous for getting into food sources, where their contamination can cause health issues for pets and humans.
Disease – Pigeon manure often harbors a fungal disease called histoplasmosis that can cause respiratory problems in humans.
Parasites – A number of parasites coexist with pigeons, including mites, fleas and ticks. When large pigeon populations are around, these parasites typically soar in number too.

Leading pigeon and birds control service in Kathmandu Nepal

Growing urbanization in Kathmandu are destroying birds shelters.So many’s birds are looking shelter in your house. Making them dirty, Orange ball suggest you some
solution for them to control.

  1. Build bird net for bird on your garden and feed them over there only.
  2. Monthly cleaning of outdoor balcony and flats of your house.
  3. Install birds spikes and net around infected area.
  4. Use ultrasonic pigeon repellent
  5. Pigeon control solar panels
  6. Pigeon control solar panels

Orange Ball don’t re command you to kill or destroy pigeon shelter.

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Our pest control and bird control service are available at kathmandu, lalitpur, bhaktapur, ,biratnagar , butwal, chitwan and Pokhara.
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